Visual Art

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My love of beauty and truth extends to the visual arts. When composing music, I often have a visual image in mind in order to express the emotion and story that I’m telling. The visual arts and music are languages of the human spirit.

My parents are both creative people. My mom is a painter and my dad is an architect. Their love of the arts has had a profound impact on my life. My siblings and I were all encouraged to cultivate our creative abilities from an early age. This is how I came to love expressing myself through visual art and music. Now I have the joy of passing this love and freedom on to my children. Here are some of my art pieces. You can purchase prints of my works on Fine Art America at

Clockwise from left: Danielle and Amy at Norton Simon Art Museum; “View of Arcadia” (2015, marker and watercolor pencil); “The Creation” (2015, pen and watercolor pencil)


“Wood Duck at the LA Arboretum” (1998, acrylic on cardboard)

Clockwise from left: “Spanish Forest” (2001, acrylic on canvas); “California Coast” (2002, acrylic on cardboard); “Austrian Forest” (2001, acrylic on cardboard)

New Works from 2017 and 2018: