Rose Life Benefit Concert Series

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The Rose Life Connection: Helping Women In Our Communities Through The Beauty of Music

The Rose Life Benefit Concert Series is dedicated to celebrating God’s gift of human life. We represent pregnancy help centers to church congregations and communities through cultural, musical events. All of the proceeds from our events go directly to the life-giving crisis pregnancy counseling center which we choose to represent for each concert. We work to encourage partnerships between church communities and their local crisis pregnancy counseling center, offering people an ongoing opportunity to live the Gospel, serving those in need.

Mission Statement:

To uphold human dignity and help women, men, and babies in need by raising awareness of our local pregnancy counseling centers and to encourage community involvement by means of an ongoing concert series of classical music paying tribute to the gift of life.

Who we connect:

We make a difference by connecting the loving power of people. We focus on three main components:

1) Life-affirming pregnancy counseling centers and the women they serve

2) Churches/communities located near the centers

3) Professional musicians

How we connect:

We organize professional concerts at local churches and community venues, the proceeds of which are given to the local pregnancy counseling center. At the event we also present information about the good work done for women and invite people to learn more about their local center. The concerts are a way to give back to the community for their support and to celebrate the gift of life.

What our benefit concerts look like:

Our events have two main components:

Social: Refreshments, gallery display of women and their inspiring stories, and information about how to volunteer and/or support the pregnancy counseling center

Concert: Brief message about the pregnancy counseling center, who they help, and how to become involved, and a program of high-quality classical music

The Catholic Byte

You can check out the article about one of our concerts that was published in the Inland Catholic Byte:


Who benefits:

People from all three components benefit.

1) Pregnancy centers gain exposure, needed financial support, and prayers, which allows them to serve women better

2) Churches learn about where their community members can go when they are in need during a crisis pregnancy, have a new way to live the Gospel by becoming involved, and have a concert evening in which to build community

3) Musicians share their amazing gifts and creativity with appreciative audiences and are part of an inspiring project

Danielle Rosaria, DMA, professional violinist and founder of Rose Life, is dedicated to interacting with truth and beauty through musical performance, composition, collaboration, and education. She received her doctorate degree from Claremont Graduate University. She has also participated in 40 Days for Life and is a community advocate for Assure Pregnancy Clinic in Fontana, CA and other pregnancy help centers in Southern California.

imageFor more information or to schedule a concert in your community, please call Dr. Danielle Rosaria at (909) 240-6416 or send an email to

If you or someone you know is pregnant and needs help, you can learn about the Assure Pregnancy Clinic at

To download a poster about the Rose Life Benefit Concert Series, please click on the following link:

Rose Life Poster!

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