“The Sea’s Lament”

Continuing in the sleep music vein of my last piece, my latest music piece is made of improvised viola, organ, and wind chimes. It’s the first time I’ve created a completely composition that could be transcribed.


New Musical Life

As you may have noticed, it’s been a while since I’ve posted here. That’s because of my role as a mom and educator to my young children. But I still keep at it! After all, once an artist, always an artist. Here a couple of my newest projects.

I’ve started a YouTube channel called, “Mommy Seastar.” Here I post little videos for the purpose of supplying fun educational movies for kids. They’re based on the interests my kids have. I also use this channel to put my music compositions out and to create music videos. I will be using my blog here to post new videos as they come out. Here a couple Mommy Seastar videos:

I’ve also kept up composing. Spring rehearsals are underway at the La Verne Symphony Orchestra. They requested and will be performing my 9th symphonic picture at the end of this season. Here is the electronic recording my my newest symphonic piece:

And finally the Los Angeles Composers Collective will be presenting a concert on March 9th entitled, “The Sounds, The Stories: Re-imagining the Italian Art Song.” My setting of St Francis’ “Laudes Creaturarum” will be among the pieces performed. Here is the link to the concert information: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/the-sounds-the-stories-reimagining-the-italian-art-song-tickets-55452206041?aff=efbeventtix

This piece took multiple steps for me to create it, so there are multiple versions which I have been putting up on the IMSLP website. The definitive version will come out after the concert, but here are the earlier versions:


I love St Francis of Assisi, so when the chance came to set this poem, I jumped at it. It’s been a big challenge completing this project, but I am happy that I fought for time to compose and am grateful to be participating in the upcoming concert. Below are the notes that will be in the concert program:

St Francis was a joyful, peaceful saint who saw the beauty of God all around him in God’s creation. Born in 1181 to a rich merchant in the hill town of Assisi, St Francis later gave up all his wealth to become a poor friar and dedicate his life to pray, love of God, and service to others. The founder of the Friars Minor, St Francis lead a very austere life and preached about giving up material wealth to make place for God’s life within the soul. This beautiful poem prayer shows St Francis’ way of praying to God through the contemplation of His beautiful creation. This creation was as it were a way God spoke to Francis of His love for him and also His great majesty. St Francis was so closely identified with Christ and His sufferings that he was given the Stigmata, the miraculous wounds of Christ. This poem was written in 1224, two years before the saint’s death in 1226.

Current Music Projects

Adapt and Endure: that’s what we need to be able to do to maintain a lifetime of musical creativity. With young babies at home, I’ve got a full-time gig as well as an enduring love for music so needless to say creativity is pertinent and at an all-time high around here!

Some of my most enjoyable projects are coming from writing “Colorful Airs for Two Violins” which is a collection of diverse duets for my favorite instrument. These compositions allow me to continue playing and composing while adapting to being a full time mom. Now I understand something of why historically women composers have been under-represented in music history books since educating children is so important and takes so much time, but this is exactly what is such a vital role in the culture of music, namely giving it to the next generation!

You can listen to and download these duets from my composer page on IMSLP. They can be used as pedagogical music as well as performance pieces. You can check back to the page intermittently because I continue to add more duos. Here is the link: http://imslp.org/wiki/Colorful_Airs_(Rosaria%2C_Danielle)

Catholic Mass Project

In the tradition of composers throughout the centuries, I have decided to write a setting for the Mass Proper. I hope with this composition to give glory to God and to bring peace to those who hear it. This Kyrie is the first movement. The Agnus Dei (see previous post) is the final movement. I am excited to begin work on the Gloria soon!

The score for this music is available on Sheet Music Plus: www.sheetmusicplus.com/title/kyrie-f…usic/20469837.

IMSLP Composer Page


In order to allow my music to be played and enjoyed, I am happy to announce that I have begun to share some of my compositions on IMSLP. The first piece I’ve uploaded is Percussion Quartet No. 1, Jungle Path. This piece was premiered back in March, 2015 as part of an LA Composers Collective concert. It has two main sections, a slow lyrical one and a lively, Latin-flavored section with distinctive melodic lines and syncopation.