New Music Projects


It’s been a while since I’ve posted here due to looking after my little babies. Their care  takes priority at this important time in their lives. But I havn’t forgotten about creativity! I am happy to say that I’ve been working on some new music projects over the past few weeks and have some exciting things in the works. Here are a couple of them:

“Mommy Seastar”

I have launched a new educational YouTube channel for children and their parents and caregivers. It’s called “Mommy Seastar.” I have a mix of interactive projects, relaxing videos with original and public domain music, “how to” videos, and movies about different subjects all for the purpose of helping parents as they educate and play with their children and for children to enjoy learning! Just look up “Mommy Seastar” on YouTube” to find the channel.

My newest video just went up today. It’s called “Americana” and has some famous American songs for children and their parents to listen to so hopefully they can learn them and sing along! I’ve included a song of all the presidents and our National Anthem to help with memorization. There’s even a little original violin piece that I included towards the end of the video. Here is the link:

A New Symphonic Piece

I will also be starting work on a new symphonic piece for the La Verne Symphony Orchestra. It is due in February so that the orchestra can work on it in the spring semester. I am so grateful for this opportunity and am glad I have a few months to dream something up. You will be able to find this new composition and be able to downlod this and other pieces at my IMSLP composer page:,_Danielle.


LVSO Performs Schubert

I am thrilled to be able to share this video with you! Our La Verne Symphony Orchestra successfully performed this masterpiece by Viennese composer Franz Schubert at our “Music of the Romantics” concert. We’re looking forward to the spring when we’ll study Shostakovitch’s “Piano Concerto No. 2” with Caelin Eager as our soloist. Please visit our LVSO page ( if you are interested in joining us or attending our concerts.

LVSO Premier Performance!

Our winter concert “Music from America” was a great success! We performed Aaron Copland’s “Fanfare for the Common Man”, “Variations on a Shaker Melody”, James Horner’s “Music from Apollo 13” and also premiered the original composition “Symphonic Picture No. 2: The American West” which I composed for LVSO and had the privilege of conducting.  My many thanks go our to all the LVSO musicians, the ULV Music Department and all those who made this dream come true!

LVSO Announcement!

For new and returning La Verne Symphony Orchestra musicians: Rehearsals for the LVSO fall, 2015 season begin on Thursday, September 3 from 6:10 – 8:10 in Morgan Auditorium at the University of La Verne. Our theme for this fall is “Music of America”. Please bring your instrument and any music that has been emailed out if you have it. For more information, please email Dr. Danielle Nahas at

To learn more about LVSO, about joining, and about attending our concerts, you can read our La Verne Symphony Orchestra page (


ULV All Ensemble Concert!

The University of La Verne has some great musicians! This is the first concert where we’ve all gotten together to perform in one piece pf music. Emmanuel Lagumbay, the conductor of the La Verne Symphony Orchestra, composed a piece that incorporated ULV choral groups, the ULV Pep Band, the West African Drum Ensemble, and the La Verne Symphony Orchestra. We had one afternoon to put all the ensembles together and then give the concert. It was an amazing day and we had an outstanding audience. Thank you and congratulations to everyone who participated! Here’s the video of the performance. With this and future ULV performances we hope to raise awareness about the great musical opportunities at ULV.

LVSO Members Night Out

Many thanks to the LVSO members who volunteered to play for the first annual Sacred Art Show at St Peter and St Paul Church last Saturday! Five of us got together to play for the hundreds of guests who attended the event. We jammed on a variety of Renaissance, Baroque, and Classical music. One of our musicians, Deanna Rae (cello) is also a local artist and had pieces in the show as well. You can see her art below and on her website at We hope to play at more events like this one in the future!

For upcoming LVSO concerts, please visit

IMG_4678From left to right: Danielle Rosaria, violin, Bernice Greenstein, violin, Nataly Kalbakji, violin, Deanna Rae, cello, and Joshua Williams, tuba

IMG_4679 IMG_4670

LVSO Is Ready For Takeoff!

We’re all gearing up for the new La Verne Symphony Orchestra season….getting music and parts together….meetings with section leaders and directors….and working on finding new exciting ways to collaborate this year. Already we’ve changed our name from “Chamber” to “Symphony” which is where we want to be anyway. I’ve been reading and watching videos all morning about orchestra, art, etc. so that I can help this community of musicians to feel inspired while they explore and discover while playing music together.

Screen Shot 2014-08-14 at 11.11.11 AM

We’ll be playing music from the Baroque era, from Broadway, and new music written right here in California. Since our musicians come from a wide range of ages and backgrounds, the variety of our music reflects the uniqueness of the individuals who participate. 

I found a great quote by the woodworker Sam Maloof (someone I greatly admire) in his autobiography, “I believe all of us were seeking spiritual well-being in what we were doing”(“Sam Maloof, Woodworker”, pg. 46). While he was speaking of his friends he met in the American crafts movement, I believe this applies to our orchestra.

I believe we’re seeking to learn new things and to feel the freedom to be ourselves as we learn to hone our craft, to make new friends that have similar interests, and to enjoy being in a musical environment where rehearsals are just as important as concerts, where the journey is just as important as the destination. We work for excellence as we cultivate the human spirit. I can’t wait to meet our new musicians and see returning members again!

I hope we have some of the same spirit Leonard Bernstein and these young musicians show in this video, this vitality and creativity, this constant learning and growing. We already have musicians who are excited and ready to go, so I can tell you already it’s going to be a great season!

Leonard Bernstein -1982 – Teacher – Masterclass