“String Quartet No. 1: King Arthur”

Greetings! You can now hear the demo of my first string quartet on SoundCloud 🙂 The score and parts are available on Sheet Music Plus. It’s a very long quartet because it chronicles the story of King Arthur. I invite you to check it out!


I wrote this string quartet then took the first three movements, orchestrated them, and wrote my first symphony. Here, you can hear all the movements and the whole story.


1) A Land In Chaos

2) Prayer For Deliverance,
William Byrd’s “Kyrie” from “Mass for Four Vioces”

3) Coronation and Wedding Day Of Kind Arthur

4) Adventures For Good And The Quest For The Holy Grail

5) The Final Battle

6) The Isle Of Avalon, “Agnus Dei” by William Byrd 

7) The Adventure Continues, “What Child Is This/Greensleeves”  

“Arthur and Guinevere” by Danielle Rosaria 

Out they looked across the moorland, Arthur and his lady Queen
Guinevere surpassing lovely with her deep soft eyes of green. 

Long they looked as though the time for all the ages rested there
out across their ancient kingdom, out across the land laid bare. 

Wide and far their love extended, close at home their love bright shone,
ever new, both same and changing, was the love they called their own.

“The Creation”, Live!

Thank you to the members of the Los Angeles Composers Collective who made this performance possible! Tu Nguyen played the erhu, Linda Rife played the cello, and Nicholas White performed on piano. This is the premier performance of my composition entitled “The Creation: Trio for Erhu, Cello and Piano”.

LVSO Concert this Weekend: “Music of Myth and Legend”

You are invited to attend our La Verne Symphony Orchestra concert this Sunday!  


The Voice, ULV’s magazine, did a really great write up about our concert this weekend. Please share and invite people to attend our concert! 🙂

Symphony to Perform “Music of Myth and Legend”

“Symphonic Picture No. 5: Enchanted Land”


I’m up late tonight to bring you my very newest composition. The purpose of this piece is to bring you to a beautiful free place where you can imagine a story unfolding. I really enjoy picturing stories and places when I compose. This piece is a musical painting of an enchanted land where romantic fairy tales can happen. It has four sections:
1) Castles and Clouds
2) On Sunny Hill
3) The Storm
4) Clouds and Bright Water