The Benefits Of Playing Music When You Retire

This article was written by a fellow musician and friend to whom I had the great privilege of teaching violin. It is my hope that by sharing this article more retired adults will be inspired to become involved in the arts.

The Benefits Of Playing Music When You Retire

by Bernice Greenstein

Being retired is usually leaving the fast lane.
For some people it’s a time to stop for a while.
For others, it’s finding opportunities to continue
your life’s passions.

My passion has always been music.

I was lucky to have a piano in my home when I
was a child.  The pleasure of learning how to play
this instrument has been a never-ending journey.

It’s been said, “That we use both sides of our brain
when we play the piano.”  I think playing any musical
instrument is very beneficial.  You can be as creative
as want to be.  The sense of accomplishment is very

Being retired is a wonderful time to renew your skills
at playing an instrument that you haven’t played in a
long time.

Several years ago, I fulfilled a dream.  I learned how 
to play the violin.  It has given me the wonderful
opportunity of joining a beginning orchestra at
La Verne University.

The La Verne Symphony Orchestra is under the direction of
Dr. Danielle R. Nahas, and conducted by Emmanuel Lagumbay.

Being in this orchestra has given me a connection and a feeling
of belonging to a group of people.  The sense of acceptance
is very special.  Age doesn’t matter.  Actually, it makes me feel
younger, participating with younger students.  By striving together,
we are reaching for the same goal…which is to make beautiful
Bernice Greenstein (pictured second from the left) at a LVSO outreach event in 2015



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