“Woodwind Quintet No. 1: Story of the Tree Seed”


I have the great joy of being part of the LA Composers Collective, a group of creative people who are writing new art music in the LA area. Last week, we had a concert of pieces written for woodwind quintet, performed by the contemporary wind quintet, CLAW.

It was quite a journey for me to write for this concert. I had never written for wind quintet before, so I had to do a lot of listening and research about the instruments not to mention acclimate to the different transpositions. All this was during the time when I was pregnant with my first child. I had just written “Story of the Tree Seed” for her as part of a collection of fairy tales and thought it lent itself well to music. It was so much fun to write music like this that I’ll probably compose this way again!

Paul Muller from New Classic LA wrote a really great review of the concert as a whole. It was exciting for me to read his review of my piece. It’s a very special experience for an artist when someone else “gets it”, when the artist feels he or she has communicated positively and effectively to another person. I think this is a huge part of what music is all about: communication and exchange. Here is the excerpt from Muller’s article which deals specifically “Story of the Tree Seed”:

“The first half of the concert concluded with Story of the Tree Seed by Danielle Rosaria. This is a story that Ms. Rosaria imagined for her unborn child involving a tree seed given by an old woman to be planted by a young girl from a mountain village high above the timber line that knew no trees. Story of the Tree Seed proceeds in four movements; the first opens with a lovely horn and clarinet duo, followed by the bassoon and horn. There is a sense of noble grandeur here – and mountainous terrain – that sets the scene. The second movement is slower and more deliberate and the bassoon solo paints a convincing portrait of the old woman – long flowing passages and an elegant counterpoint complete the picture. The orchestration of the wind instruments is precisely on target here. Movement three is active and bustling, exactly like a child full of energy. The melody lines are rapid and short, especially in the flute solo. The other woodwinds add counterpoint and the feeling is optimistic and hopeful. The final movement has a monumental feeling, especially in the horn, as the tree seed is planted with a spirit of idealism and hopefulness. Story of the Tree Seed features excellent writing for the wind quintet as applied to storytelling – you can almost see the animation unfold in your mind’s eye.”

You can read the entire review which includes accounts of all the pieces on the program at http://newclassic.la/2015/11/01/review-los-angeles-composers-collective-wind-quintets/.

I hope to share videos of the concert soon. In the meantime, I’ll be writing about current projects and upcoming events like this one. You can read more about the LA Composers Collective at http://www.lacomposerscollective.org/. This is such a wonderful feeling! I want to encourage others to tap into their creative side and do something beautiful today!


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