Get to know LVSO!

The La Verne Symphony Orchestra is THE orchestra in the City of La Verne, CA. We are proud to offer regular performances and interactive opportunities to students at the University of La Verne and to members of our local community. If you have yet to become familiar with our orchestra, we welcome you to get to know our orchestra better!

Emmanuel Lagumbay, conductor of the La Verne Symphony Orchestra, brings vitality and creative insight to our rehearsals and performances. He is a graduate of the University of La Verne and an active Southern California composer. Here is the link to the writeup about Emmanuel that was posted on the Rae Collection website:!Creatives-Spotlight-Emmanuel-Lagumbay/c1vb9/5568d4ac0cf23d0164cc6582

Deanna Rae is a local bronze sculpture artist and also a cellist in the La Verne Symphony Orchestra. On her website,, you can see her work as well as videos about the process of creating an original bronze sculpture. She is also a member of the Celloteers, an all cello chamber ensemble that performs with LVSO. It’s the wonderful people in LVSO that make our orchestra so great!

For more information about LVSO, you can visit


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