Sr. Wendy Beckett Interview

Sister Wendy Beckett Interview – Desert Island Discs BBC Radio 4

You may realize I find great inspiration in Sr Wendy as many people do. Here is a podcast I just discovered where she talks about her life. It is a lovely interview that weaves in many musical works that have been important to Sr. Wendy throughout her life. I don’t agree with what came out of the interview that the Catholic Church somehow changes its doctrines slowly because if you look at its moral teachings today and compare them to those of the Church Fathers, teachings such as the sacredness of life in the womb, chastity, and the male priesthood, they remain the same as they have always been. I do love to hear her speak of how God decided what kind of prayer she would have, how she would prefer to be alone with Him but how He also chose for her to speak of art and spirituality on television and on the radio, a very unlikely calling for a solitary nun. I think if we are open to God’s plan for us, he will use the gifts he gives us to bless the world. All we need do is develop these gifts, offer Him praise, and love those around us. I love listening to Sr. Wendy talk because her discussions are very thought provoking and soulful.


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