Lili Boulanger

Lili Boulanger (Paris, 1893 – Mézy, 1918) was one of those very gifted artists who only lived a short time. Her music displays a remarkable depth of feeling and sensitivity, harmonic color and continuity which makes her compositions both intellectually rich and emotionally relevant. She was the younger sister of the more famous Nadia Boulanger, the renowned composition teacher of several prominent American and English composers, among whom was Aaron Copland. Nadia was awarded the 2nd prize in the Prix de Rome composition competition in 1908, but with her cantata Faust et Hélèna, Lili was awarded 1st prize in 1913, the first woman ever to do so. Lili’s music stands along side the works of Debussy and Fauré in its colorful, graceful French style.

The following is a video of our live performance of Lili Boulanger’s “Nocturne” given on May 16, 2015 in Morgan Auditorium by the Lordsburg Chamber Ensemble, Danielle Rosaria, violin, Don Linde, piano.




Thank you to everyone who participated in Saturday’s concert “Music of the Movies”! What an inspiring evening! It’s been a wonderful spring season with the La Verne Symphony Orchestra and I’m really looking forward to preparing for “Music from America” and to studying new chamber music over the summer. Spread the word! We welcome new and returning members!