Music at the Service of Others

Today is Respect Life Sunday in the Catholic Church. It is a wonderful day to celebrate the dignity and sacredness of all human life! In honor of this day, I want to give you an update about our Rose Life Benefit Concert Series. Our series raises awareness for the need that exists in our communities to help women who find themselves in a unplanned pregnancies and to encourage community involvement by supporting life-giving pregnancy help centers. We give concerts honoring the good work done by these centers and bring their message to church communities through quality music concerts.

Our Latest Rose Life concert took place at St Peter and St Paul Church in Alta Loma, CA in the Diocese of San Bernardino. We performed music by Isabella Leonarda, Bach, Schubert, Massenet, Amy Beach, Armas Järnefeldt, and others.  We were so blessed to have everyone attend and are truly grateful for the response, with a standing ovation and generous donations given to the Assure Pregnancy Clinic located in Fontana, CA. My special thanks go to St Peter and St Paul Church and to Audrey Donaldson who played piano with me in the concert and to my mom, Deborah Cummins, who worked to coordinate the event and who made a beautiful gallery display of photographs of moms and babies served by Assure and provided an awesome reception for us.

We’re working to find ways to help moms, dads, and babies who are in need in our community. It is beautiful to employ our gifts in the service of helping each other. It makes the world a better place. Some are able to work directly in pregnancy help centers. Some are able to volunteer at food banks. Some are able to donate financially to organizations that help people in need. I’m a musician, so I enjoy being part of this series where I can use my gifts to support pregnancy help centers.

We plan on holding more Rose Life Concerts in the future. It is my biggest hope that more musicians and artists will take up this idea and run with it in their own communities.

Many hanks also to Marie Widmann from the Diocese of San Bernardino for attending the concert and writing an article about what the concert series and respect life is all about.

Danielle Rosaria (violin) and Audrey Donaldson (piano) after their Rose Life performance on September 20, 2014 at St Peter and St Paul Church, Alta Loma, CA


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