Pierre Boulez

Pierre Boulez is a very important composer of our time. He sought to bring together the constructivism from the Viennese School and the freedom of Debussy and Messian. The world events of the 20th century demanded a new musical language and Boulez was one of the key innovators who wrote music with sincerity and as he says, “a conquest for freedom”. He is a very fascinating composer for those who are interested in learning about music from our time and for those who want to want to express themselves in a musical language relevant to one’s time and culture.

Here is an example of one of his pieces, Dérive 2 composed in 1988/2006/2009.  It is written for 11 instruments. The skill required of these musicians is absolutely amazing! It is completely planned out and sounds very spontaneous. It is also fascinating to think of how in many cases music from the 20th and 21st centuries corresponds to the visual arts.


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