Children’s Corner

So today at one of the schools that I teach at I was looking through some music that was donated to us and came across some sheet music with a very interesting cover:


It is a collection of pieces by Claude Debussy, one if my all time favorite composers. The pieces are very well known: “Doctor Gradus ad Parnassum”, “Golliwogg’s Cakewalk” among others. I was immediately intrigued because of the date of the publication, 1908, which was during the composer’s lifetime. Turns out that this is a first edition, published in Paris by A. Durand & Fils. I don’t know yet how many of these were published but I love primary sources so this is an exciting find and I’ll be sure to get it to someone who would like to use it for further research.

I love the inscription on the inside from the composer which reads, “To my dear little Chouchou, [the nickname of the composer’s daughter], with tender apologies from her father for what follows”. As if these pieces needed any excuse! But a loving inscription nonetheless.



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