Music Talking: How Does It Sound?

Many Baroque composers, German and Italian, were very fascinated with the direct correlation between emotions, music, and words. Heinrich Schütz (1585-1672) was just such a composer and is well known for his vivid musical depictions of Biblical texts. Saul, Saul from his Symphonia sacrae is an excellent example of one of his works. It’s the moment when God calls to St Paul and says, “was verfolgst du mich” (why do you persecute me?). The voice comes in low and builds into a strong clear summons. One can easily imagine being present at St Paul’s conversion. Here is a performance by a group called the Victoria Consort.


2 thoughts on “Music Talking: How Does It Sound?

    • Yes, I get what your saying. This is a different style. I like to think of it as a different musical dialect, something from outside our culture where the composer is communicating even in a different language.

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