Growing Our Vocabulary

In addition to vibrato, there are other ornaments which we can employ in order to communicate emotions through music. There have been many in-depth studies done on the subject of Baroque ornamentation. Here we look for ways to employ ornamentation according to Geminiani’s suggestions.

The question always is which ornaments to employ, how and when. Geminiani states,

“I would not however have it supposed that I deny the effects of a good ear; as I have found in several instances how great its force is: I only asset that certain rules of art are necessary for a moderate genius and may improve and perfect a good one. To the end therefore that those who are lovers of music may with more ease and certainty arrive at perfection, I recommend the study and practice of the following ornaments of expression, which are fourteen in number; namely, (…)”

…and it is here where we will pick up our study in our next post đŸ™‚


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