“The Art of Playing on the Violin”

Francesco Geminiani (1687 – 1762) was a highly influential Baroque musician, a pupil of Corelli and A. Scarlatti. His career took him to Naples, London, Dublin, and Paris. In London in 1716 he even collaborated with Handel for a performance for George I. One of the wonderful things about Geminiani is that he wrote a number of treatises on performance practice including “The Art of Playing on the Violin”, 1751 during a time when such treatises were highly valued and frequently written and curculated. While Geminiani’s style does differ from that of other Baroque violinists, Tartini for example, he nevertheless offers us a very good picture of late Baroque aesthetics. The full title of his treatise is “Art of Playing on the Violin containing all the Rules necessary to attain to a perfection on that instrument, with a great variety of compositions, which will also be very useful to those who study the violoncello, harpsichord, &c. 1751”. That being said I am embarking on a study of this document. Any one interested in Baroque style is welcome to as well. The facsimile is published by Travis & Emery 2009.


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