Early Italian Composers

To begin the Baroque Project, here is an initial chronological list of some of the important Baroque Italian composers who’s music and lives we will be studying. All of these composers contributed significantly to early violin repertoire, some more than others, and in so doing influenced music history:

Andrea Falconieri (b 1585/6; d 1656)

Biagio Marini (b Brescia, c. 1597; d Venice, 1665)

Isabella Leonarda (b Novara, 1620; d Novara 1704)

Arcangelo Corelli (b Fusignano, near Milan, 1653; d Rome, 1713)

Tomaso Albinoni (b Venice, 1671; d Venice 1751)

Francesco Geminiani (b Lucca, 1687; d Dublin, 1762)

Giuseppe Tartini (b Pirano, Istria, 1692; d Padua, 1770)

Antonio Vivaldi (b Venice, 1678; d. Vienna, 1741)


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