Getting Ready for Christmas: String Theory

So I have something to tell you about this coming season: String Theory is, as we speak, preparing an entire Christmas set including traditional and new songs combined with our unique sound. We’re available to play at Christmas parties, but contact us soon as our calendar is quickly filling up! Visit our contact page at Last year we had this original which will be included in our set this year as well:

And hey, you don’t need to fight the crowds. Our album makes a great Christmas gift 🙂


String Theory at the Sacred Heart Festival

Thank you to the Carmelite Sisters of the Sacred Heart Retreat House in Alhambra and to Mary Lei for inviting us to play in this years Family Festival 🙂 We had such a wonderful time and the crowd was so into it! See you next year!

Here’s a clip of the performance of “Sonata Moderna”

For more about String Theory, visit

The Rose’ Trio at the University of La Verne

Rose Trio members Sarah Wallin Huff, Irene Shiao and Danielle Rosaria Cummins get in a quick rehearsal before their show in Morgan Auditorium on Friday. The Rose Trio has a wide repertoire, ranging from Delius and Debussy to Vivaldi and Bach. / photo by Ryan Gann

Photo by Ryan Gann of the Campus Times

The Rose’ Trio performed its first full recital on November 9th at the University of La Verne’s Morgan Auditorium to an audience of family, friends, community members, and students. It was an awesome evening with music by Beethoven, Marini, Shostacovich, and our own Sarah Wallin Huff (pictured on the left). Our other members are Irene Shaio (pictured in the middle), and myself (the one laughing). This concert was fun all around, with rehearsals and dinners at my place, choosing the repertoire, and finally being able to present an all violin concert to an amazing audience. We plan to present this program again in the future, so stay tuned for more news about the Rose’ Trio! Here is the link to the article that featured us in the ULV Campus Times:

You can read more about the Rose’ Trio on our Violin Events page:

Photo: Rosé Trio, after the show,... ;)

The Hurdy Gurdy

It’s such a fun name to say. This instrument existed all over Europe since the Middle Ages and is depicted in many works of art. The musician plays the hurdy gurdy by turning a crank which rotates a wheel that in turn rubs the strings to create the sound. It’s similar to the way a violin bow creates vibrations on the violin. Various pitches are made through the use of keys played by the left had. It’s rather like a violin/piano, though it really has a unique sound all it’s own.