Music Therapy

We are surrounded by frequencies, waves. Our bodies have five basic senses that receive these waves, these expressions of energy, and then respond in different ways. It even goes deeper than this because we are able to tell what types of invisible energy are coming to us. When we feel a very strong force, our bodies react in ways to protect us. If we do not push back with appropriate equal force, strong energy can often encourage symptoms related to stress. When we learn to respond properly to outward and inward forces, they can actually give us more power.

The field of music therapy has been growing in recent years. It’s easy to see how in every day life frequencies and sounds affect how our bodies feel. Think of a time when you heard someone talk with a slow, deep voice. How did your body feel? Now contrast that with the time you heard an auctioneer. How did you feel when you heard that voice? By matching certain frequencies with what our bodies need, we can actually create healing, empowering environments which have positive physical and mental effects.

Music therapy is a way we can harness specific frequencies to give our bodies what they are asking for at specific times. Here is an article that presents some of the basics about music therapy:


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