“The Road” St Patrick’s Day Premiere

This St Patrick’s Day was awesome! Friends and family and String Theory all were over at my house! We were able to perform our new piece, “The Road” and get a video for you to see. It was really fun to write this piece, with and idea here and an idea there. It all came together in the end and I’m super grateful to String Theory for making it sound amazing! I hope you enjoy it! For more information about our group String Theory, you can visit our website at stringtheoryquartet.net.  Here’s the world premiere of “The Road”:


Verse 1:

Give me the sun and a song and a road

and I can go a long long way,

but where will I go if I leave you behind?

For you say I must go,

But my heart says to stay,

Chorus 1:

So come, come along!

What is to stop us?

Leave it behind.

This first step we take together

will start our journey home.

Verse 2:

Together we’ll walk through the warmth and the cold

the dark and the light and in between,

For the story never ends until everything gets told

and everything gets told in the end,

Chorus 2

So come, come take my hand,

Onward we go now to start the dance

as our dreams come together

and our story becomes our home!

Verse 3:

All that I’ve ever wanted in life

was someone to love with my whole heart,

But who would have dreamed that you’d come today!

Let’s step onto the road

and we’ll be on our way!

Chorus 3

And here, here we are!

We’ll watch the sunrise

break into day

and the road that’s stretched before us

will guide us on our journey home!


2 thoughts on ““The Road” St Patrick’s Day Premiere

  1. I love singing, and i have always wanted to make a career
    out of it. The only problem is, i can’t sing. If i get singing lessons, will i get better at singing and make a good career out of it, or do you have to be born talented?. )i(What would be better? Going to drum lessons or buying a drumkit?

    • Hi Jerald! It’s wonderful that you have the desire to sing. I would definitely suggest you find an encouraging, knowledgable singing instructor who is also successful in his or her field. You will know down the road how much you want to rely on singing to support yourself financially, but in the meantime you will be doing and learning about something you love and that’s important 🙂

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