New Adventures

Wow! A lot’s been happening lately! Stay tuned for future performances, “cause there’s some awesome music happening! Southern Cal is a great place to live, especially for music, and the up and coming music scene is especially vibrant here! I’m going to give you some updates on groups I’m involved in so you know what music to look forward to.

String Theory: Last night we jammed until 11:00 pm in preparation for our excursion to the Santa Monica Promenade this Saturday. We’ll be our there from 2:00 – 4:00 playing electric violins, percussion, guitar and bass and singing well-known and original songs. Here’s a link for directions:

Rosé Trio: This past Saturday the Rosé Trio (Irene Shiao, Sarah Wallin Huff, and myself), performed at the Second Annual ASTA Chamber Music Festival at the University of Redleands. We performed “Counterpoint Invariable” by Sarah Wallin Huff, the first piece written specifically for our group.This piece is quite an experience to study perform! Each movement contains a unifying element such as rhythm, color, and texture and is constructed of modular motifs which are inverted, flipped upside down, and placed over one another to create shifting patterns of sound. Here’s a link to a diagram of the structure The piece is 19 minutes in length and requires the full attention of all three violinists! It’s awesome to work with Irene and Sarah. Here’s the link to our page:

Quantum Quartet::  This new quartet has a dynamism and flare that is unique to itself due to the awesome personalities of its members. We have so much fun collaborating! This last Saturday’s performance at the ASTA Chamber Music Festival was our first formal concert all together. Along with Sarah and myself, our group consists of Miguel Montoya Cunan (viola) and Benjamin Coyte (cello). We performed Sarah’s quartet “Anima Mechanicae”. I’ll keep you posted as we continue to perform together.


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