“The Road”

It sure is a good time for writing songs! Here’s the latest. Doug and I recorded the instrumental parts today so you can hear them. I would be thrilled and honored if anyone wants to play “The Road” for non-profit gigs, so I’ve included the music and lyrics here. If you play for this song profit, just say it’s by Danielle Rosaria Cummins and let me know about it. Hopefully it will be played sometime in the future by one of my music ensembles, so I’ll keep you posted about any live performances. It was a great joy to write this song and I hope you enjoy it!


Verse 1:

Give me the sun and a song and a road

and I can go a long long way,

But where will I go if I leave you behind?

For you say I must go,

but my heart says to stay.

Chorus 1:

So come, come along!

What is to stop us?

Let’s leave it behind.

This first step we take together

shall start our journey home.

Verse 2:

So let’s leave the basket in the Nile

and take the baby home.

For the story never ends until everything gets told

and everything gets told in the end.

Chorus 2:

So come, come take my hand.

Onward we go now to start the dance,

As our dreams come together and our story becomes our home!

Verse 3 and Chorus 3: Instrumental


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