New Musical Adventures for 2012

This December has been an wonderful, exciting time of celebration, visitations, and music. The result has been inspiration for new projects to jump start this year, 2012. Yesterday Sarah Wallin Huff and I visited Santa Monica to pick up our String Theory busking permits. On the dive down Sarah told me about an amazing new piece she wrote for our violin group, the Rosé Trio, which we will be performing in February. The structure itself is amazing! It’s made of small pieces of material or phrases that Sarah takes and layers, flips, augments, etc. and crafts into a complex four-dimensional structure like some sort sici-fi puzzle. Talk about parallel universes!  It’s awesome! Here’s the link to Sarah’s blog where you can see a colored analysis of the piece:

Another piece which we’ll be working on is called “Forest of Cedars” which I wrote this last month. It’s inspired by the Epic of Gilgamesh, the 4,000-year-old story of the king of the Sumerian city Uruk and his friend Enkidu. Gilgamesh is “two-thirds god”, invincible, and spends a pointless life stirring up trouble until he meets his match in Enkidu. Once he feels weakness, Gilgamesh begins to experience depth in his life and begins a quest for immortality. He and Enkidu become fast friends and together they travel to the cedar forest to fell the largest tree and kill Humbaba, the guardian of the forest an so gain immortality through fame. This is a story about humanity and its restless search for fulfillment. It is an excellent read. Here is the citation for a very good edition of the story: “Epic of Gilgamesh, trans. and ed. by Benjamin R. Foster, a Norton Critical Edition, New York: W. W. Norton and Company, 2001”.

The piece that we will be working on is based on the adventure in the cedar forest. It has a tribal character, with percussion solos and repeated 12/8 melodies. We will be rehearsing the piece for the first time this Sunday, so stay tuned as this new story unfolds!


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