String Theory Announcement!

The String Theory Quartet has now recorded its first 8 demo recordings! They are live studio recordings, so they’re a good representation of the sound we get when we’re out busking in Santa Monica ūüôā

You can check out these tracks on the audio page of our cool new website, You can also find out the most current news about our upcoming gigs and live shows.

A couple days ago we visited the beach in Santa Monica. That’s where we shot this fun little commercial promoting our site.


“A Garden Prayer”

Last week before our students’ recital, Sarah Wallin Huff and myself were able to make this video of Sarah’s piece “Image I: A Garden Prayer, from Three Images of Christ’s Final Hours”. What a wonderful time we had learning and performing this beautiful music! Keep on the look out, because it looks like we’ll be performing this piece live in the upcoming year. For more information on “A Garden Prayer” you can visit the composer’s website at

“In the Forest” Definitive Recording

Last Thursday the whole Forest Quartet came to my house and we recorded the piece “In the Forest (Amazing Grace) by Sarah Wallin Huff. We¬†premiered this work back in October for the Alternate Avenues Banquet. Hope you enjoy!

To read about “In the Forest (Amazing Grace) on the composer’s blog, visit¬†

To Play Violin

Recently I was asked how to get started playing the violin. The response will be helpful to others interested in violin, so I have included it here:

That is wonderful that you want to play the violin! Go for it! If you have the love for the instrument, a good instructor, and a consistent and healthy practice schedule, you will go far as a violinist.

If you are interested in a student violin to start with, Southwest Strings ( has good student instruments with clear sounds. In the past I’ve referred many students to them.

Another option, if you want to hear the sound first, is to go to a reputable violin shop in your area and ask to try out instruments in your price range or have someone play them for you. A good way to find such a shop is to ask the violin professor from a good university. This is also a great way to find a teacher. Make sure you find an encouraging teacher who is also a wonderful professional musician.

To start learning to play the instrument, you can purchase my violin method book entitled “Discovering Violin” published by Santorella Publications. You can find it on Amazon. It has a practice CD and detailed information on technique and reading notation.

Please let me know if you have any more questions! Best wishes for your violin playing!

Free Arrangement of “What Child is This (Greensleeves)”

Christmas time is here! This time of year, we string players are taking part in the festivities and getting calls to perform at many holiday parties. That means requests for Christmas music! So, in honor of Christmas, I’ve made a new arrangement of “What Child is This (Greensleeves)” for string quartet which you are free to perform at gigs this December. Non-commercial copying welcome. Merry Christmas!

String Theory Update

A lot is happening with our dynamic quartet “String Theory”! We performed again in Santa Monica last Friday night. This was our best gig so far! We had a crowd & the set felt really solid. During a five-hour rehearsal yesterday evening, we began the process of adding some new songs to our set, including an original Christmas piece written by Ken Glaser which combines Baroque and rock elements. It will be ready for our next gig. You can read more about the group and our upcoming performance at¬†

Rosé Trio

Tonight, the¬†Ros√© Trio performed for the President’s Association at the University of La Verne. The¬†Ros√© Trio was founded last spring and is comprised of three violinists: Sarah Wallin Huff, Irene Shiao, and myself. It is a beautiful thing to collaborate with two other professional violinists who are wonderful wonderful people besides & I am very excited that we were able to perform together again tonight! Starting today, the¬†Ros√© Trio will have it’s own page on my blog:¬†