Ongoing Learning from Horsemanship and Violin Playing

People thought I was crazy when I wanted to do my DMA paper on Horses and Music! Haha it turned out to be a really eye-opening project! There are so many ideas we can gain from crossing over into other disciplines! And it’s fun to keep running into them! Here’s a couple ideas I’ve been thinking about lately while teaching and performing:

*Impulsion: That’s when the horse has energy and power moving from his hind-quarters forward. He’s not holding back or running away, but with control and vitality is moving forward, accepting where he is and where he is going moment by moment.

*Accepting the bit: The horse accepts the bit when he does not shrink back from it but takes in the information which is passed along the reins to his mouth. The violinist does this when he or she, without seeking to escape or become tense, lovingly accepts the information the violin, sounds, environment, and muscles are telling him or her. This “accepting the bit” allows for leaning and interaction with the moment to take place.

You can check out the whole paper at


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