“String Theory” Out On The Town

String Theory stepped out onto the streets of Santa Monica this Saturday, marking the debut of our new dynamic music group! We performed for a wide audience as people bustled about going here and there on their shopping excursions. Santa Monica offers such a vibrant scene! Groups of people were constantly forming and re-forming around us, making requests, some even dancing to the music.

We had such a great time busking that String Theory will be performing again in Santa Monica in coming weeks. I hope you will come enjoy an evening out on the town! Keep watching the blog for more information. You can also check out Sarah Wallin-Huff”s blog for more pics and info on our group: sarahwallinhuff.com/2011/10/news-from-string-theorys-debut.

String Theory: dynamic personalitiesMembers of “String Theory” from left to right: Ken Glaser, Sarah Wallin-Huff, Danielle Rosaria Cummins, Keith Buerger

string theory flyer


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