String Theory Hits 3rd Street Promenade!

In a few short hours, String Theory, our dynamic multi-instrument quartet will again take to the streets! You are invited to join us from 8 – 10 PM, Saturday, October 28th, on the 3rd Street Promenade downtown Santa Monica as we present a variety of musical styles and genres in a vibrant setting. Look for us in the neighborhood of the big clock tower. Cheers!


“A Flowering Tree” by John Adams

Last night we had the first orchestra rehearsal for “A Flowering Tree” by John Adams which will be performed by the Riverside Lyric Opera on November 11th and 13th, 2011 at 8:00 pm. The opera is very beautiful and colorful and will be an exciting experience!

A Flowering Tree

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Clonmacnoise: A Little History

Clonmacnoise is an early monastic settlement located in the heart of Ireland. It was the setting of a thriving and often turbulent history and a center for religion and trade. This Medieval site is now in ruins but still boasts a fine round tower, many Celtic crosses, Celtic and Romanesque architecture, and a small church still in use. To learn more about Clonmacnoise, you can visit

The Dragonas fiddle piece “Dance at Clonmacnoise” takes its name from this amazing Irish site.

“On Lying In Bed” excerpt from “Tremendous Trifles” (1909) by Gilbert Keith Chesterton

“Let us pay a little more attention to these possibilities of the heroic and unexpected. I dare say that when I get out of this bed I shall do some deed of an almost terrible virtue”.

~Gilbert Keith Chesterton

On Lying in Bed excert from Tremendous Trifles (1909) by Gilbert Keith Chesterton challenges the prevalent custom of rigid adherence to insignificant customs and simultaneous flexibility of basic moral principals. Highly recommended reading!


“In the Forest (Amazing Grace)” Premier at Alternate Avenues Banquet

This Saturday, our quartet played at the annual Alternate Avenues banquet ( where we premiered the new piece In the Forest (Amazing Grace) written for the occasion by Sarah Wallin Huff. The artistic process of this music was epic as it was arranged/composed, rehearsed and performed this past weekend. This recording was taken during the banquet. Special thanks to Alternate Avenues for having us and for their wonderful life saving work!

In the Forest (Amazing Grace), original composition by Sarah Wallin Huff. (Copyright 2011, by Sarah Wallin Huff. All Rights Reserved.)

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